About Us

This store is an absolute dream come true! For years I have wanted to create a space like this to share unique items, comfy finds, outfit inspiration, to help women feel beautiful and confident in their skin, choose joy, and be completely smitten with their everyday! It’s easy to get caught in a comparison game! YOU are beautiful; don’t ever question that!  

Ever since I can remember I have always loved all things style and clothes. I warned Cody long before we got married of that! I love finding unique pieces and styling them multiple ways. Fun Fact #1: I won Best Dressed my senior year of high school! I’m sure whatever was in style then has either already come back around or will soon!

In 2007 I graduated from college with a teaching degree, had our daughter in 2008, and then started my teaching career where I taught for 8 years. Over the years I shared my teaching outfit finds on my teaching account with other teachers and I loved it. After having our son in 2014 (who was born with Spina Bifida), I left the classroom to stay home with him. During this season, I poured my heart and soul into creating a full-time business of creating teaching resources for teachers and homeschool families world-wide. I currently still run that full-time business.  While working from home, I started letting myself go. I only got ready for the day if it was Sunday or a special occasion kind of thing.  

I missed sharing outfits and unique finds. In 2019, I created @everydaysmitten to share them again.  After years of dreaming and praying about opening an online boutique, our family finally took a leap of faith and here we are!

I am beyond grateful that you are here. I hope that you find pieces at Everyday Smitten that you are completely smitten with.  

Love, Michelle